MV Dirona


Up the West Coast of Vancouver Island:

Klaskish Basin, Brooks Bay to Varney Bay, Quatsino Sound


Day 16: Varney Bay, Quatsino Sound
It rained very heavily the night before.  The next morning, huge tufts of fog were caught in the trees.  This is looking north to the head of the basin.

We set off into the swells to reach Quatsino Inlet.   There were some big ones around 10-feet as we approached the entrance. We saw a schooner heading south - probably on straight run from rounding  Cape Scott to pass Brooks Peninsula.  It was really bucking in the swells, which you can see in this video clip (it also gives a good feel for our boat motion too).   It finally started to settle down as we got farther inside.  Pictured is the lonely-looking Kains Island lighthouse at the entrance to Quatsino Sound.

In behind Mabbott Island in Koskimo Bay was a large fish farm, with several circular net-covered enclosures.  The fish were really jumping inside.  The operator came out in a small boat to talk with is for a bit.  He was very friendly and informative.
We then crossed to the north side of Quatsino Sound to drop the hook for breakfast in East Cove in Koprino Harbour.  It was a lovely spot, reminiscent of Prideaux Haven in Desolation Sound. 
Continuing west, we transited Quatsino Narrows and anchored just around the corner in Varney Bay.  It was another great anchorage, with not another boat in sight.
We hurried to get down the Marble River to see the canyons before the tide fell.  They were really amazing.  The river starts out rather wide, with tidal flats on either side, then it constricts tightly to vertical, high walls.  With vegetation high up spilling down the sides, it felt like a jungle river.  A hawk swooped through, barely clearing the trees on either side. 
There were huge caverns and caves well above the water level, presumably cut by the winter torrent.  Winter is probably not a good time to be here.  The dinghy wake slapping against the shore generated bizarre echoes.  The place was really wild.




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