Stern Tie Setup



After much searching, we finally found the perfect all-plastic, non-rustable reel for less than $10 (plus shipping) from Reel-Core Inc. The sturdy, compact reel (14" long with a 12" outer and 3" inner diameter) holds 600' of half inch polypropylene line if wound carefully, and stows nicely in our lazarette when not in use. A 1" PVC pipe inserted through the center, with T-ends, acts as a spindle. To deploy or retract the line, we simply slip the entire unit onto the cockpit handrails, moving it into the cockpit once we are tied off. See also Stern Tying: With a Messenger.



Here's contact info for Reel-Core (no relationship, just a happy customer):


Adam Nevermann
Reel-Core, Inc.
904 Third Avenue SW
PO Box 209
Waukon, IA 52172
P) 800-293-6307
F) 563-568-3688




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