Diesel Engine Overload: Stern Drives


Hi James,

Excellent article. I am researching putting a 4108 Perkins Diesel in a 1977, 20 foot Double Eagle boat that weighs in around 3500 lbs. The diesel puts out 51 hp. I am hoping to adapt this to a Volvo 280 leg.

If you have any suggestions or comments they would be greatly appreciated.

Again thanks for the article.




A good solid, under-stressed engine. 50 HP from 107 cubic inches.

Stern drives are fine but they do have some downsides: 1) many have problems with corrosion, 2) expensive to ground or if you hit logs or debris in the water, 3) more service intensive than inboard solutions, and 4) requires a large transom opening sealed by a large boot (some potential for leaks). However, that said, they are used successfully in many commercial water taxis in this area and in BC. In fact, Volvo pretty much owns that market.

Good luck with your project.

-- James


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