Diesel Engine Overload: Overloaded for One Season OK?




I just received my Silverton back from the dealer after a re-power to install a pair of 6LYA-STE-350s. Mack Boring says they like to see WOT at 3450 for these engines.

The port engine is running at 3240 and the starboard at 3280. (The tachs are exact, I checked with a photo tachometer.) My dealer says that the RPM will be OK for the first season, June to Sept. or about 50 hours. Then he will reduce the pitch a little to increase the RPMs.

My question is: will running theses engines overloaded for one season be OK? My dealer says it will be. But I believe this is because he doesn't want to haul the boat now in the middle of his busy season.



Mack Boring is right. Your dealer is playing with fire and is proposing that you carry the risk. I wouldn't do it.  It's just too cheap to get it right. A diver can dive the boat and pull the props for $200.  You can have the props de-pitched for $300/each.  Dive again at another $200 and you're done.  You'll have spent under $1,000 to protect $40,000.


-- James


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