Diesel Engine Overload: Exhaust Gas Temperature




I need some information about exhaust gas temperature in diesel engines. Could you furnish me the temperatures exhaust gas in truck diesel engines?



It varies based upon engine HP rating and year.  Cummins uses serial numbers or CPL numbers to look up exact specifications on a specific set of parts assembled to achieve a given HP rating. My engines, Cummins 270B CPL 2205 are 802F at full rated RPM.  Most of Cummins other 270B's are nearer 850F at full rated RPM.  It depends upon the engine. You need to look at the engine spec plate, get the engine serial number and get the specs from the manufacturer for your specific engine.
It also depends upon where it is measured. Before the turbo is much hotter than after the turbo. Most engine manufacturers specify that exhaust gas temperature be measured after the turbo. That way, if the thermocouple fails due to the hot and corrosive environment, it's harmlessly ejected out the exhaust.  If it was in front of the turbo, it would destroy the exhaust turbine. 
You need engine manufacturer specifications for your engine and you need to know where the temperature is measured. Cummins measures after the turbo.  Most manufactures have a customer service hotline that can get you the specification.


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